Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lions and Elephants Oh My

The past couple days have been nonstop full of lions, lions, and more lions! I'm a very happy girl! I started the day off this morning at 6 am by bottle feeding the 3 lion cubs which was fantastic. They quickly slurped down their bottles and then ran off to scamper up a tree. When they get a little scared while climbing the tree, they make a little mrrrrr'ing noise that look at you with these big eyes that say, "please help ... !" It's irresistible. Here's a photo of the lion walk day before yesterday.

The internet here is painfully slow and there's only two computers and it hard to find them unoccupied. I have some great pics yet to post but it takes quite a bit of time for them to upload and we don't have much time in the day between feeding and walking the lions and other activites.

This morning we met the elephants! What a great way to start your day, sitting on top of an elephant. They really are gentle giants and very sensitive and social. I have a great video of my interaction with the elephants that I'll probably have to wait and post after my return.


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