Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Morning with Amai !!!

It's Thursday morning (6:50 am) and I'm so excited because I get to spend the morning session with Amai and the rest of the elephants. In preparation, I went to the little market last night and got a huge sackful of veggies to feed them. I got fresh spinach, rape, and some pony treats that I snuck while cleaning the stables yesterday. Amai is going to be so happy when she sees me coming with a big back of groceries for her and the other ellies! I'm SO excited to be able to spend time with that big sweet elephant girl I'm just bursting at the seams!

I can't remember if yesterday's post was before or after my stable cleaning (I think before), but I spent several hours cleaning up horse crap (which I honestly didn't mind) and then we cleansed the wounds on several of the horses. I had brought some prescription strength veterinary supplies for the horses, but couldn't find where Simba put it. Simba is my project manager and I gave him the bag of supplies when I got here. Anyway, once I saw how bad the wounds were and that they didn't more supplies, I ran off to see if I could find the supplies I had brought. Sure enough, they were stuck in a cabinet in Sam's office. So, we were able to treat the wounds (Kay had already gone into town and bought some supplies) and put a iodine-based salve on the wounds which sticks to the wound and prevents further injury to the area. The little horse that was in such horrible shape when we arrived (covered in ticks and lots of intestinal worms) is looking SO much better. Kay purchased tick medicine and a de-wormer was given. The little girl is named Bella is she's eating like a pig now and just looks SO much healthier and livelier. Her stomach is still way too full and hard but we're hoping it's because she hasn't yet disposed of all the worms in her system. I think she's on her way to a full recovery, so, good news.

Yesterday afternoon we were asked to join the breeding program's feeding event. This is where they feed the adult lions (once a week) and you can video the lions running towards the meat. First they feed the lionesses and then the male lions. It was something to see (and hear, with all the growling and roaring). But one part of the feeding (which I'll decline to go into detail about ...) quite upset me and I had a bit of a cry later to get it out of my system. I understand about the cycle of life, blah blah blah, but when it's a foot in front of you to see and hear, it's a bit harder to take than just watching a TV program or movie about it. Anyway, it was an experience but I will be able to not have to go again.

Today's schedule is as follows: Elephants, lion walk, cub feeding, lion walk, and not sure what else.

I have to run - time to go see Amai !!!

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