Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm a bit bummed out because shortly after I got home and starting going through my photos and videos, I realized that one of my memory cards was somehow damaged and therefore I lost quite a few photos. I was able to retrieve some of them that I posted while in Africa, from this blog and Facebook. Lesson learned: While traveling, it's best to either back up your photos or upload them to an online repository. I haven't given up hope yet. I'm going to take the memory card into a camera place and see if they're able to retrieve any of the photos.

Also, some of the photos are on one of the computers at the park in Africa, so I'm trying to see if they can burn them on to a disk and send to me. That is very unlikely to happen, so my best bet is retrieval of the photos from the cards. Some of the photos I haven't even viewed yet! So, I'm a bit bummed. But I did get what I think are some beautiful shots while I was there and I'm very happy to have uploaded as many as I did.

I'm off to research who can take a look at these disks and go to work on them for me. If you have any suggestions or know a company or individual who does this type of file retrieval work, please leave a comment. Wish me luck!

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