Monday, November 29, 2010

Letter Writing Campaign to the FWS Endangered Species Department

I received a response from the US Fish & Wildlife Office of Law Enforcement regarding my recent letter urging action to ban the importation of African Lion trophies. They were nice enough to write back to advise me that the department I need to contact is the US Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species Program Office.

Want to do something for the African lion? Please write to the Fish & Wildlife Services HQ in Washington urging them to BAN the importation of African Lion Trophy imports into the U.S. The UK is putting the wheels into motion to do so and the US needs to follow suit. 
I'm on a letter written campaign and am not going to stop until I get a response indicating they will take action.
The lions need us now.
Here's the contact information for the HQ:
US FWS Endangered Species HQ
 And here's their home page:
 US FWS Endangered Species Home Page  

Animals Matter.

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