Sunday, November 14, 2010

There Were Nine Little Elephants

If you're a fellow elephant lover, there's a film you must see titled There Were Nine Little Elephants. Captured in Zimbabwe to be used for elephant back safaris, these elephants were then brutally trained. However, through the incredible perseverance and compassion of many dedicated individuals, the elephants were released back to the wild in Hwange National Park. Sadly, one of the elephants - a five year old elephant named Dumasani - did not survive the ordeal and passed away. The other elephants were safely returned to the park.


 I recently returned from Zimbabwe so this story rings close to home for me. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country teeming with wondrous sights, gorgeous wildlife, and amazing people. But like many countries, there are people who do not truly appreciate the full spectrum of the beauty where they live. They don't understand that a large part of that beauty are the animals who live there.

Here's the Vimeo website where you can watch the short film:


<< There Were Nine Little Elephants>>

If you are as touched by this story and video as I was, please consider pledging toward The Elephant Photographer's (Carol Stevenson) documentary about the Asian Elephants and her work towards protecting these gentle giants. 


Time is running out for Carol to reach her goal of $7500.00; there's only twelve days left to pledge. You can pledge any amount - $5, $10, $20, $50, etc.


Here's the website where you may obtain more information about the documentary and associated materials (books, gallery showings, etc.) and most importantly ... to PLEDGE!  


<< To Pledge for the Elephant Spirits Documentary>>

Carol at work photographing the elephants


Many individuals and organizations contributed to the success of this story. These wonderful, sensitive creatures were aided along the way by many caring individuals who understood that these elephants must be allowed to live the lives of dignity, peace and respect they deserve.


Here's a link to Elephant Voices website. Not only did they assist in the rescue, but they work diligently on a daily basis to ensure that their research, conservation, education, and advocacy on behalf of elephants continues.


<<Elephant Voices Website>>


Thank you for reading ... and caring.


Perhaps at some point in the all-too-near future when there are no lions left, no whales left, no rhinos or elephants left ... not to mention numerous other species ... mankind will look back and feel intense regret. But by then it will be too late. 


Animals Matter.



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