Friday, June 17, 2011

Good News for Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger, a ten year old Bengal tiger, has languished at a truck stop in Louisiana since he was a cub. His enslosure is far too small and he has no other tigers for company, nor the proper enrichment needed on a daily basis. Plus, his life consists of breathing in the toxic diesel fumes and living in a dusty environment of loud 18-wheelers coming and going, being gawked at every day.

However, Tony's life may soon be changing. The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed for a permanent injunction against the truck stop's owner to prevent his renewal of the permit required to keep Tony. When the permit expires in December 2011, the Fund will work with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to find a suitable accredited big cat sanctuary where Tony can live out his life in a natural setting better suited to a tiger.

THANK YOU Animal Legal Defense Fund! Well done!

To donate to the Fund, please find this site. Without contributions and support from the public, this type of work would not be possible.

Animals Matter.

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