Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank You to Brykerwood Veterinary Clinic in Austin, Texas

Last year before I left for Africa, I asked around town to see if any veterinary clinics would be interested in donating veterinary supplies for the lions (and horses) in Africa. Medications that can be used on domestic cats can also be used on lion cubs and lion conservation groups usually operate on a very tight budget, so these types of donations are always very much appreciated.

Brykerwood Vet Clinic definitely came through for me and were extremely generous. I expected a few boxes of wound dressings, but they surprised me with a huge box of supplies that would have been close to impossible for the conservation group to purchase. I was very impressed with their generosity and can't thank them enough.

I took as many supplies with me as I could stuff into my duffle bag and they ended up being very useful; I even used some of them myself while I was there on several animals with injuries. I wanted to thank Brykerwood for their amazing generosity, so I decided to give them a framed lion photo to hang in their waiting room (if they so choose) as a thank you.

Today I finally presented them with the framed photo (actually two photos; I went with a double mat frame containing two of my favorite lion photos). Below are pics of how the framed photos turned out and also a close-up of the little brass plaque at the bottom. On the back of the frame, I included some information in a plastic pouch and some of my photography business cards.

So, to Brykerwood, the veterinarians and staff: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

If you live in Austin and are in need of a top notch veterinary clinic, please give them a try. They treat all of my animals and have always been wonderful. Here's their information in case you'd like to try them:

Brykerwood Veterinary Clinic
1501 West 35th Street
Austin, Texas 78703
 (512) 454-3833

The double print framed photo with plaque

The back with information and business cards

Close-up of the plaque

Thank you to everyone who contributes to lion conservation!

Animals Matter.


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