Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elephant Calf Receives Help from Family

This video is several years old, but still worth watching because it does does a great job of illustrating just how well elephants work together. In this clip the elephants show how well they work together to get the baby elephant how of the mud and try to keep him calm.

This began innocently enough; the elephants were enjoying a drink at a water hole. When the baby elephant tried to exit the water hole, he became stuck in the soft mud at the entry point due to his small size (and the mud is sticky and creates a vacuum around your feet etc.). As he began to panic and thrash around, the other elephants stepped in to assist. By now the baby had exhausted himself and was panicking. The adult female elephants got into the water around the baby, created a rut with their feet and slowly pushed the baby towards the new exit, while comforting him.

Elephants are extremely intelligent and deeply sensitive creatures as seen in this footage.

Animals Matter.

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