Friday, July 23, 2010

Lions Cubs

[This was actually written several hours ago, but just as I was about to hit "publish," the power went out. Thankfully, a draft was automatically saved.]

On a ride around the park the other day, we saw the BIGGEST giraffe I've ever seen. He towered over the trees. He was by himself, but we've heard that there's more giraffe and even a baby somewhere out in the reserve.

Here's a photo of the lion cubs, taken right after they had their bottles so they were napping. In the background is a reed ball that I made for them (which they played with for a few hours, then tore up). I think they had more fun unraveling it than anything else. This isn't a very good photo, but we just don't have the time to go through photos and crop and resize, etc. Yesterday one of the cubs was sick and had us all worried, but he seems to be doing better today. He wouldn't take his bottle and couldn't walk around, but we're hoping that it was just something he needed to get out of his system, since he now is taking bottles again and is walking around without wobbling so much. Fingers crossed.

And a close-up of one of the cubs:

Off to ride elephants!

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