Friday, July 23, 2010

Putting Out Fires

Whew! It's 11:49 am here on Friday and we just got back from fire break, which we started at 7 am. Fire break is where we go out and set fires around the perimeter of the reserve to prevent wildfires from spreading in those areas. We got off to a bit of a rough start because we were downwind of the fire! Everyone was choking and gasping for air. We were given leafy branches from trees to beat down the fires after they had sufficiently burned, but none of us were prepared for the effects of smoke. Glad to be finished with that, to be quite honest. My firefighter friends would have been proud!

Last night around 9 pm I could hear the lions roaring loudly from their enclosures; it was amazing to hear! I even went outside my tent and recorded it on my phone so maybe when I get back I can make a cool ringtone from it. :)

Yesterday was spent horseback riding and man were my legs & butt sore by the end of the day! When I stood up this morning to get out of bed, I almost fell over. I've got my daily evening & morning routines down now, which is a good thing because you have to move quickly and be very organized. In the evening I organize everything for the morning that I need to grab on my way out. I shower before bed and put on my clean clothes for the next day (except for pants which I throw on quickly in the morning). Time management is an important thing here.

The rest of the day should hopefully be more fun. After lunchtime, I have an elephant ride for an hour, and then after that elephant herding. Then later in the day probably a lion walk.

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