Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Spent the entire morning putting up "Beware of Lions" signs along the perimeter fencing of the reserve in the hot sun so I'm absolutely exhausted. I think we probably walked at least 5 miles and then some. Most of the other volunteers are much younger (teens and 20's, although there are a few in their late 30's and I think 1 who may be around my age). I've had the strangest dreams every night since I've been here. I guess it's the environment and new experiences, etc., but man is it weird.

Side note to my parents: Momma/Daddy, if you're reading this, please check your email. I need assistance getting aisle seats for the two long flights back and some of my emails are getting out. You have my itinerary; please call the travel agent (Julie at Wholesale Fares @ 877-282-8123 or 415-830-4240; Trip Locator No. 7VPALO) and make sure she books me in aisle seats for the two long flights back. The Airline Ref. No. is ZJP328 (Lufthansa, operated by United). I tried calling the home number, but there's a block on it. Long story, but I wound up in a middle seat in the middle row on the 11 hour flight on the way here and it was torture since I'm so claustrophobic.

I'm supposed to have another lion walk but may have to pass as I'm missing lunch to try to settle my flight stuff but having no luck. I'm really going to appreciate my fast internet access once I get back.

We had four new volunteers arrive yesterday, all from Australia. Very nice people, and they've told me that I have a place to stay if I ever want to visit Australia (which of course I do). The great thing about this trip has been all the wonderful international friends I've made. Friends from the UK, Australia, US, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, and I'm sure there's others I've forgotten.

I'll try to post more later but I'm out of internet time and can't find the guy who needs to add time to my account. 

We just had a bunch of overlanders arrive so it should be quite the loud party tonight. I may have to bring out the earplugs to sleep tonight! Overlanders are the tourists who are traveling throughout Africa and this is one of their stops. They're partiers and tend to stay up until all hours partying and are very loud, with singing, etc.

Since my flight back is Monday morning, I'll probably have to head back to Bulawayo Sunday and spend the night at the lodge which means I only have 4 more full days here. Time has flown. I've had a great time, am tired and worn out, but am SO glad I did this trip. An absolutely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have SO many photos & videos that I'll be going through them for weeks after I get back.

I gave Sam (the lead project manager) my "wish list" of the things I'd like to do my last few days here. I put down horseback riding to view wildlife, elephant herding, elephant riding, and lion walks. I can't remember if I mentioned it in yesterday's post (no time to go back & look or even preview/edit posts), but I learned how to play polo! I even scored a point! Woo Hoo! Was great fun, but I think my poor horse, Whiskey, was exhausted. He has already been ridden for a few hours that day and he just did NOT want to play polo. It was an awesome experience though.

I have to go grab some lunch. Bye.

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