Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elephant Spirits Kickstarter Site Launched

Exciting news! My friend Carol Stevenson, well-known elephant photographer ( and elephant conservationist, has just launched a site on KickStarter for donations for her upcoming documentary about the Thai elephants, the mahouts who care for them, and the Thai Spirit Men. This is a very important cause and if you are able to donate, Carol is offering some very nice take-aways for varying donation amounts.

Here's the Kickstarter website with more information:

Elephant Spirits Kickstarter Website

Kickstarter is great because you can donate any amount - however small. I think $1 is the minimum donation amount. When several hundred people donate amounts of varying sizes, they (hopefully) start to add up and you're able to reach your goal. Carol's goal is $7500.00 and this will cover the cost of the videographer's travel & expenses and other costs directly related to the project. She has already secured a wonderful videographer who is donating his time & talents. 

If you're able to donate any amount - even $5 or $10 - please consider donating to this very worthy cause. The Thai elephants thank you!

Photo by Carol Stevenson

Animals Matter.

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