Monday, October 18, 2010

The Father of Lions Website

A couple years ago I was searching the internet for more information on George Adamson and came across this gem of a site:

I ended up spending several hours on the site because it's loaded with great information on this wonderful man, affectionately known as The Father of Lions (hence the website's name). George had originally intended to name his second autobiography Baba ya Simba (Father of Lions), but instead chose the title My Pride and Joy. If you haven't read any of George's autobiographies, you'll be in for a treat when you read them. He had a wonderful personality and sense of humor, even when dealing with extremely dangerous situations in an unforgiving environment.

The site contains some rare photos,some of which were sent to the site's creator by Virginia McKenna who was a close friend of George's for many years. Virginia played Joy Adamson in the Born Free movie, which was the vehicle for introducing her to George and his work. 

This is probably the most comprehensive website for all things Adamson. It also includes:
  • Scanned copies of actual letters written by George
  • A great resource list of DVDs, videos, and books about George or starring George
  • Video clips of George
  • An exhaustive bibliography
  • Articles about George
  • Born Free Lyrics and Midi
  • Listing of Joy Adamson's Books & Letters
  • A Tribute to Elsa the Lioness
  • Quotes by George and about George
  • Rare Collectible Treasures
  • A Christian the Lion page
  • A Pippa the Cheetah page
  • Photos of George's final resting place
You can tell that the site's creator has put an extraordinary amount of time and energy into the site and cares deeply about George Adamson's memory. Please check out this wonderful website and spend some time there. The site is a wonderful tribute to an amazing man.

Here's two quotes from the website:

"No one who met George could fail to have been inspired and touched by this remarkable man." 
 - Virginia McKenna

"No one better knew the language and lives of lions  -  or loved them more - than George Adamson."

- The Christian Science Monitor

George with Boy
Boy was one of George's favorite lions

George walking with Christian and Boy
He later said that the days with these two lions were some of the happiest days of his life.

Animals Matter.

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