Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're Losing the Lions

If you've been a reader of previous postings of this blog, you already know that the lion population in Africa is decreasing at a rapid rate. This map (updated in April 2010) shows the historic and current distribution of the lion population in Africa. It's a depressing visual, to say the least. The areas in red shows the historic population where lions used to be found and the blue shows where they're found today. Map courtesy of Wikipedia via the African Lion Educational Research Trust (ALERT).

If you are an animal lover and would like to donate to a worthy cause, I can't think of a cause more worthy than that of the African lion. Here's a website with more information on donating.

Here's more information from Dr. Laurence Frank (leading lion expert & conservationist) from their website:
In a recent interview Dr. Laurence Frank, Director of Living with Lions said that Kenya’s lions could vanish within 10 years, if action is not taken very quickly. This follows a press release from KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) which says that Kenya is losing an average of 100 of its 2,000 lions every year due to growing human settlements, increasing farming, climate change and disease.

According to KWS figures, there were 2,749 lions in Kenya in 2002 and their population dropped to 2,280 by 2004 and to roughly 2,000 today. They say that if the current decline rate continues, there won’t be a single lion surviving in Kenya in the next 20 years. 

Another wonderful organization is the Drakenstein Lion Park in South Africa, which regularly rescues lions from dire & miserable lives in zoos, circuses, and other captive situations. The lions are able to live out their natural lives at Drakenstein and receive proper veterinary care and support. You can also sponsor or "adopt" a lion and contribute to that lion's care either on an annual basis or a lifetime basis. This organization has the seal of approval from the Born Free Foundation.

Here's some info from their website on donating or adopting a lion:
Your donation contributes directly towards a portion of the care costs for the adopted lion. This includes food, veterinary care and housing costs. Each adoptive parent will get an acknowledgement on the lions information board at the Park as well as on our website.

Drakenstein is currently is need of a second hand tractor for use on the land. If you know someone who has a tractor and might be willing to donate it for a very good cause, please contact Drakenstein at:

Drakenstein's motto is "Saving one animals may not change the world, but surely for that one animals the world will change forever!" 

There are many other organization working to help save the African Lion from extinction. I'll feature more information on those organizations in upcoming posts.

On behalf of the lions, THANK YOU !!!

Animals Matter.

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