Thursday, July 15, 2010

Africa Bound

Tomorrow morning I leave my beloved city of Austin for Zimbabwe, Africa! Today is packing day and anything-I-forgot-to-do day. I think my dogs are getting suspicious. Anytime a backpack or suitcase is brought out, they know something's up. Unfortunately, this is one trip they won't be able to accompany me on. I'm sure I'll return with plenty of unusual wild animal scents on me, which should keep them guessing!

For those of you on Facebook, please check out my new page titled "Wildlife Matters." It's a group for wildlife and animal lovers to share news on wildlife conservation efforts around the world. Please feel free to contribute, post, share photos, etc. Here's the link:!/group.php?gid=132213963482981

I also have another Facebook group page titled The Father of Lions: George Adamson for those Adamson fans out there. He's one of the reasons I'm headed to Africa.!/group.php?gid=100473313327337&ref=ts

I'll be back to post more later, but I'll leave you with a shot of what awaits me in Africa:

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