Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just got back from making walking sticks out in the bush. There's a certain type of tree that you can cut down a branch and bash the bark around the perimeter of the branch and the bark will peel off in strips. Then you're left with a nice white smooth stick - perfect for a walking stick. So, that's what we've been learning to do for the past couple hours after a short hike out into the bush to find the right trees.

Here's a few photos from the lion walk this morning. Alot of my photos are of my favorite boy, Tsavo, an 18 month old male lion who's huge and absolutely gorgeous.


Thulani and Meggie:

Isn't he a gorgeous boy?

Tsavo runs out of his enclosure and rubs up against my leg and I can walk beside him for a long time, holding the end of his tail.

While cleaning the enclosures earlier today (for different lions that aren't quite as friendly as Tsavo), one of the huge male lions from another enclosure charged at me and scared the hell out of me! We were separated by a fence, but still not exactly what you want to see coming at you full speed. He apparently didn't like us in his enclosure (even though we were cleaning up his poop & giving him fresh water ...). You can't reason with a lion!

That's it for now ...

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  1. Please stop pissing off the lions hun