Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday - Long Hike with The Lions

It's currently 2: 27 pm here on Sunday and we're back from lunch after a quick shower. This morning we went on a long six hour hike with the "TM" lions (my favorites). These three lions are being moved to a different stage in the program so that will be my last walk with them, which makes me sad. But in order for the program to work, the lions have to work on to the next stage at the appropriate time. After six hours of hiking, I was beat! I wonder if I've lost weight; it's hard to tell I guess. But if I haven't, it would be a miracle because we're constantly working and on the move. My pants are looser so I probably have.
My Brit friend Clare and other just left for a carriage ride around the park, which I passed on. I'm beat and have already done the carriage ride and it was really full anyway. When I went for the ride the first time, Clare and I were unlucky enough to get in the carriage seats facing backwards, which made for a nauseating ride for both of us. We saw some great wildlife and it was a nice ride, but I was nauseated for several hours afterwards.
I should have some time off soon; the others who arrived at the same time have already had time off but maybe I'll get mine tomorrow. The only activity that I'm really dreading is the meat prep. You have to cut up whatever dead animals they're feeding to the lions and I could definitely do without that. But they do need to be fed and someone has to do it. I thought the fire break work was bad, but I have a feeling the meat prep isn't going to be fun.
Here's some shots from our long hike earlier today - it was fantastic!

This is me and the two boys, Tsavo and Thulani (brothers).

My boy Tsavo:

The gorgeous beast that is Tsavo!

A group shot of the volunteers. In this pic we've got folks from Norway, the UK, Ireland, Australia & the US.

That's it for now. Elephants pic to follow in next post if I can get the internet & computers here to cooperate.

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  1. And now when Jules brings you a mouse you can do meat prep for him like a pro!